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Date: 2001-08-14
By: Justin

The final race of the season and one of the best! All I need to say is Highland Flig Inn! and Yeeeeeehhaaaaaaaah!For those of you who want the detailed race report here it is:


An unusually large crowd of drexel riders meets in front of kelly and myers hall at 6:30. we pack the bikes inside jays blazer although it usually only holds his bike and one other. then the 11 team members and 4 vehicles depart right on time at 7:15. We then arive at the good old Highland Fling Inn at about 12:30?


Everyone wakes up after a good night sleep and looking foreward to another great breakfast from Iris. Then we were off to pre-ride the course while jake practiced downhill and beth course marshaled the STXC race. The pre-ride was fun as well as challenging. It was a rare opportunity for everyone to actually ride together. afterward it was back to the Inn for a great supper prepared by zeph and martha. The nightlife included homework, pre-race energy drinks, and who could forget the town auction.

Sunday: (race day)

we arrive at an unusually warm plattekill race course that involved plenty of climbing. Jake takes off early to do another award winning downhill run. He was accompanied by one of the newcommers dan M. who also finished well on his cross country bike. Then the XC race was delayed as usual, but it was worth the wait. Drexel had riders in almost every catagory all of whom finished well (see results). we even had 3 course marshalls. thank you jake, beth, and rebecca. After the race everyone was exhausted and looking foreward to dinner and a shower. After all that climbing we should all have a new respect for the skinny white kid! no not me, zayjac. not only did he do the climb 3 times, from what i hear he also conquered the dreaded triple down arrows. And to think all that time I thought you would be tired from sharing a room with jay the night before. Just kidding big guy. you did great!afterwards it was back to the Inn for soup and our final pictures with Iris and the Scottsman.

Well it was a great season boys. I am glad I was part of it. Thank you Zeph and everyone else.


Now here is what you really want:RESULTS:

  • jake 3rd (mens DH B)
  • mike z. 13th (mens XC A)
  • zeph 19th (mens XC B)
  • marci 8th (womens XC B)
  • martha 16th (womens XC B)
  • justin 24th (mens XC C)
  • dave 27th (mens XC C)
  • dan 40th (mens XC C) (2nd mens DH C)
  • jay 42nd (mens XC C)
  • kevin 43rd (mens XC C)
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