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Date: 2002-10-05
By: Jason Hall

First let me apologize if I am off on the results or miss some people, most schools often take forever to post the race results so I am going off of memory.

Ok, lets get this show on the road. After assembling what has to have been the largest cycling caravan ever in front of myers on friday we finally take off at about 6ish, somehow managing to average less than one person per car. With Regi and Joe taking off earlier in the day to reserve a campsite we ended up arriving to meet them at about o'dark thirty in a moderate downpour and hurricane like winds. While struggling to set up the tents we suddenly realized that steve's tent had an allergic reaction to all the other tents in the group so he and james were forced to quarantine themselves to a remote part of the campsite.

Sat Morning (XC Race Day)

As usual the races were delayed and didn't end up starting until around 3ish, with Men's A taking off first (Mike "Hill Nazi" Zajac and Erik Da Platinum), Men's B following (Justin "Flat Stanley" Kline, Joe Peters, Regi IcouldntgetthisrightifITriedis, Marc Maraldo, Jared Crossman, and Jason Hall), and finishing up with Men's C (Dan "Go Back Up to B" Moyer, Steve "Honeymooner" Place, James "Detachable Pedal" Garske, Mike "Blowout Pants" Ondik [see picture], NOSjeeb Qutob, Dan "Last race on this POS bike" Heinaman, Zack [forgive me if I don't know your last name], and Mike Jacobs. Even with a one lap reduction to all the classes (of course the only one upset with this was Mr. Hill Nazi) the mud, 1000 foot of climb per lap, and technical top section proved this to be a rather difficult course. I congratulate all on finishing (we had 1 DNF and that was due to an unfixable mechanical). The results that I can remember go something like this:

  • Men's A
    • 15th Erik
    • 17th Zajac
  • Men's B
    • 6th Regi (way to kick some ass!)
    • 22nd Justin
    • 24th Jason
    • 25th Jared
    • 26th Joe
    • 29th Marc
  • Men's C
    • 13th Dan?

for more official race results go to I'm sure they will be posted by the beginning of next year.

Sat night since all of us were completely covered in mud from the race, half of us were treated to a hot shower, spaghetti and meat sauce, and some homemade apple pie, by one very hospitable local (we will be sending her flowers and a card shortly). The other half was content in their filth as this suited their more animal-like characteristics.

Sunday consisted of most of us screwing around and checking out some sick downhill action (those of us that stayed at least). A big vanilla frosty goes out to Dan Moyer and Jared Crossman for actually attempting (and riding quite well I might say) Men's B Downhill. The race results were not posted by the time we left so we will be waiting anxiously to see them some time this week. The ride home was relatively smooth except for a few minor details. Upon further investigation it was discovered that it wasn't Steve's tent with the allergic reaction but rather his truck, this was hastily solved by them speeding off from the rest of the caravan to prevent any further breakouts. Also I'd like to point out that Dan Moyer had an incredibly good weekend, so good that he decided to take off up North in search of more racing.

I would like to thank all the new guys that came out and raced with us, especially Erik who transferred all the way from Ft. Dix in Colorado. You are all more than welcome to come to our last race of the season at PSU.


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