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PSU Easterns 2002

Date: 2002-10-12
By: Jason Hall

Ahh Chipachow! what you've all been waiting for, the final race report.

Friday 5:30 PM

Its already dark and raining and here we are assembling for our last race. Wanting to avoid the misfortunes of last weeks ingress we manage to do the complete opposite, stuffing each vehicle like a clown car we depart 5 cars strong. We made a brief stop to pick up Moyer's bike, sleeping bag, nuclear-fallout gear, and tent, all of which was conveniently stored in his bag. We arrive safely and somewhat timely at Zajac's place in Portage (only 15 miles from Blue Nub ski resort) at around 11:30 PM.

Sat 0'dark thirty

(We're still sleeping, our race isn't until 3)


After a hardy breakfast we set out to the race which was held in the middle of a friggin cloud. Undoubtedly the sickest race we've done all season, you might have well just thrown us in a rock quarry, coated everything with mud, and said "Here go race." A hearty pound on the chest and a manly grunt goes out to all who raced. With the starts staggered by intervals of 3 minutes the race line looked something like this: Men's XC A: Mike "The Enforcer" Zajac, Wegi Andrewkytetis, Men's XC B: Joe "Explosion" Peters (see race report from UMASS/UNH), Justin "Skeletor" Kline, and Gayson Hall. Holding down C Class was: Dan "Use My Pedals" Moyer, Kevin "Hi-Bye" Vierling, Dan "NARC" Hiemen, and Najeeb "Want Some" Qubes?

I don't know if it was a combination of it being an abusive course or it being the end of race season and all of us deciding to let our bikes collectively go to shit but there were numerous mechanicals suffered before and during the race: Justin's front derailleur broke so he rode the entire race in the middle ring, Moyer snapped the bolt on his seat post, Joe forgot his shoes and had to race on flats (ok that's more absent-mindedness than a mechanical), I crashed and lost my computer near the beginning of the second lap and my seat came loose on the latter part of the lap(had to teeter it on the seat post for the rest of the race). But all was well bc we raced hard and finished strong (no DNFs). I'm not certain on all the results but Zajac and Wegi were 18th and 21st respectively out of 37? Joe and myself finished 20th and 21st out of 42 (Way to go Joe, beating me on flats!). By the time we left the course it was already dark, we had to wait for Heinaman who fell asleep during the race (see previous picture). For more accurate race results consult the ECCC web page


Regi and Justin lost their balls somewhere on the XC course and copped out of doing Downhill on Sunday but we went back anyway and watched. HOLY $#!*&, the downhill course was so sick many of the experts were having trouble at spots. With the mud, rain (it had rained again in the morning), and extremely steep descents it was more like a controlled skid all the way down.

On the way back we managed to have less cars and space than when we started so packing was ridiculously tight (I suggested tying Dan's bag to the back of the jetta and dragging it back, it had wheels after all, but that didn't fly). In the end we found considerable space was saved when we had Najeeb, Justin, and Moyer sit on their bikes as they were attached to the roof.

We'd like to thank Jared who came out and showed his support for the team even though he couldn't race. Also We thank all who came out and raced with us at some point and time during this season, you made it worthwhile. Camping, establishing esprit de corps, and swapping stories is what its all about (and we get to bike).

Once again Thanks to all,Jason

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