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Date: 2003-03-03
By: Joe K

Hey guys,

Here's the numbers for this weekend:

Rutgers Garden Criterium, March 2nd

  • Men's C (~35 starters)
    • 15th Erik da Silva
    • 17th Joe Kopena
  • Men's D (~30 starters?)
    • 8th Michael Zajac

Adam told me on Friday that he wasn't going to race because of theweather, but he travelled up to watch and help out.

As for the other guys, all I can say is:

What a bunch of mountain bikers.

We get up way before the crack of dawn, drive around for a long time,then stand there for hours in the rain and all they managed to do waseat a box of donuts as they missed the start of their race...

Before getting into more details, let me take this opportunity toreally thank Adam, Ondik, Beth, Megan, and Debbie for coming out tothe race to spectate and help out. Well, at least Adam and Ondikhelped out a lot (and it was really appreciated). The girls justseemed to be there to keep the three ninnies warm as they totallyfailed to do any racing. But, still, it was really cool to havepeople there.


We made one U-turn that was clearly an error. It may be true that itmay have been my fault as I totally failed to keep right and stay onthe correct highway. We made a bunch more, but I blame thedirections. Let's just say, we never use mapquest again. It mixed upa Georges Rd. with a Georges St. and we ended up having to call Benfrom Rutgers to straighten us out.

I will also point out that, although I was running on typical Joe timein the morning, I was way ahead of Mr. Hall. In addition, I had tolaugh when he gave us a call during the trip to say "I need gas, I'veonly got a quarter tank left." when that was the same thing he'd saidbefore we left over an hour before that. Regardless, he could not beplacated and we had to make a tour of Trenton looking for gas. We cannow report with certainty that there's nothing there.

Travelling there day-of was definitely questionable. It was utterlyunholy to set the alarm for 4 am.


There's not much to say...

Zajac did well after he got some accounting straightened out with theofficials (they'd wrongly put him down as lapped, which he clearlywasn't). I didn't see Erik after the start. There was a lot ofconfusion about the start times, and things went off earlier than Ithought, so we didn't get to warm up at all. It just sucked to befreezing cold and have chunks of ice for legs when the race started.The corners would have been hard for me even if they were dry, Ithink, and certainly were awful in the rain, but there wasn't any wayI could keep up from a cold start. Still, I guess it was an okopener. Could have been worse. Certainly I didn't feel like I havefallen so out of shape as to be in the wrong category.

The one thing I will relate about the race is this: The one sharpcorner was pretty narrow and featured a wooden fence about a foot awayfrom the road and a lot of slush and snow along the road and on it.At some point, going through this corner, there must have been a guytrying to come by on my outside as I went into it because all of asudden I heard a "Nooooooo!!!!" followed by that crunching noise tiresmake on snow. When I looked back, sure enough, someguy had riddenright into the snow. It was pretty funny (he didn't seem to be hurt,and I didn't think it was my fault---I held my line and he shouldn'thave been trying to sneak by in that little strip of road outside ofme in those conditions).


The really sucky thing about the weather was that it really put a damperon hanging around and things like that. But, I am glad to report thatwe had the loudest cheering group there. It was great to come aroundto this huge cheer every lap (well, except that one lap. I'm not sure whathapenned, they must not have been paying attention or something).


It was still a fun weekend, and I'm so glad the season has finallystarted. It's great to have such a big team. I can't even reallyblame the guys for missing the race (it was a real downpour at points;I kept looking for the Ark to show up). One thing that I do reallylike about real bad weather is that it heightens that feeling you getwhen you come home, look around your apartment, and wonder what planetyou were just on.

sorry this is kinda short and lacking details, someone else will have to fill in. if the boss sees me doing bike-team stuff one more time,my ass is grass...)

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