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Rutgers Errata

Date: 2003-03-05
By: jkopena

A couple things I realized I had forgotten right after putting upthe report on Monday:

A big congratulations goes out to Bunny, for not only already starting as many races this year as he did all of last season, but for finishing an infinite number more! Thanks to all the guys that helped me make sure he didn't sneak any safety pins onto the course.

More seriously, Erik and I are working on a new strategy. It all revolves around him throwing a chain, unclipping, whatever it takes in the last corner to disrupt the whole field and make sure I get ahead. It worked pretty well on Sunday, and I'm confident that we can refine it to get some really good results.

Darco pulled in 9th in the crit on Saturday in the Men's A race, pulling in a fair bit of points for the much hated UPenn team.

In case you guys haven't noticed, UPenn has a ton of girls on their team this year. We need to hang out with them a lot more. I know at least three names, so we should work that angle.

I already mentioned that the Ondiks came out for the race, but we Actually had a fair bit of spectators this weekend. In addition to the always lovely Beth, Justin Dodd and Emmy were both there along with Simon. Iceman, Simon wants to know if I'm ever going to get rid of the orange bike :) Actually, he says he's probably going back to school at Michigan in the fall after spending this year travelling all over. Last but not least, Matt also managed to sneak away from the kids and come out to check out the racing. Hopefully we can drag him out to another race sometime soon.

My throat still hurts from yelling at the guys. Actually, if you look at [1], that's me on the right in the green vest under the sign. That's probably the exact point where my vocal chords imploded. That's Mark A in the yellow. He also called Justin a sandbagger.\LLFVCPMA825XC&userid=msphotography&gallery_id=149259&image_id=9

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