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Lehigh & UVM

Date: 2003-03-15
By: Joe K

Erik already got most of these out, but here's full results from theweekend:

Mar 15: Lehigh University Mountaintop Criterium

  • Men's C (45 starters)
    • 5th Erik da Silva
    • 15th Joe Kopena
  • Men's D (~35 starters)
    • 3rd Mike Zajac
    • 5th Regi Endriukaitis
    • 10th Jason Hall
    • 13th Justin KLine
    • 14th Joe Peters

Mar 16: Univ. of Vermont Tour de Hempfield Circuit Race

  • Men's C (~35-40 starters):
    • 4th Erik da Silva
    • 17th Joe Kopena
    • 21st Adam Alper
  • Men's D (20 starters)
    • 2nd Mike Zajac
    • 5th Regi Endriukaitis
    • 6th Jason Hall
    • 7th Justin Kline

Like Erik said, I think we got a fair bit of points this weekend.I'll let everyone know after they post results. I'm expecting us tomove up a few places in the team rankings.

Ondik decided not to race because he just got his bike and he thoughtit might be dangerous for him to do this kind of racing while he's still getting used to it (a sensible view).

In short: We are having an awesome season. It's a total blast to havea fairly big team like we do now. Mike, Regi, Jason, and Justin'sSunday race in particular was just plain great to watch. The four ofthem took control from the start and pretty much ran the whole race.A few guys got away at the end based on sheer muscle, but we stillplaced real well. The guys did an awesome job working together, withJustin giving Mike a leadout at the end to ensure 2nd place, Jasonsupporting Regi and Justin on sprint laps to grab extra team points,and the four of them taking turns leading the race and supporting eachother whenever someone fell behind. It was really cool and I thinkeveryone's having as good a time as I am.

Hopefully we can get Joe out for a few more races, he did pretty wellon Saturday. Adam unfortunately probably won't make any more racesbecause of the crew season. It was great having him out there,despite the crit/circuit nature of these races being tough for himwith the large and strong fields (as well as coming out on his day offfrom the tough crew workout regimen).

Hopefully someone else will fill in the story about the D races. Frommy end, I don't have much very exciting to say. My races were justsort of racing like usual. I got really hammered both races by notdealing real well with the corners, which I need to get over realquick if I want to move up in the standings a little. I was tellingDarco last week that because of the weather and the few people comingout, there haven't been many Thursday night points races, it's beenmore frequently a medium hill ride. I think that's really hurt me inthese races as doing more points races would have put me into bettercrit shape, particularly as regards cornering and repeatedacceleration.

Erik had a great weekend. I have no idea from where he pulled outSaturday. We were riding in the same little group until he just tookoff and claimed a whole lot of positions. The effort was prettyintense, and it showed in how drained and sick he (very obviously) wasafter the race.

I got really sick after the Sunday race. The heat, a sunburn, notenough food, a tough weekend, it all really clobbered me. We went outfor a ride after the races and on the way back I just fell all topieces. I've only bonked as hard once or twice. Towards the end Iwas having trouble keeping my balance, switching the meaning of redand green lights (for some reason this is a pretty common symptom forme when I have real bad heat problems, I noticed it a couple timeslast summer down in Washington), and having trouble holding thehandlebars.

From a technical standpoint, I'm sort of curious as to what may havehappened. Jay has several times proclaimed in muted surprise that I'm evenmore technical than him. It pays off in being able to analyze somethinglike that to keep it from hapenning again. It runs something like this:

At first glance, I'm inclined to believe I put down enough water.During and after the race and on our later ride I wasn't particularlythirsty, didn't have dry-mouth, etc. However, thinking about it more,I was probably right on the wrong side of being dehydrated. Firstpiece of evidence: after the race I didn't have to go to the bathroomfor several hours. That's a real phenomon for me, as everyone willattest (I'm as bad as Justin).

So, let's think about dehydration. On race weekends when I put down afair bit of water to try and gain an excess of hydration. Onearly-morning race days (like almost all of ours are), I put downabout 12 ounces of water per hour leading up to the race. However,our race was much delayed from my initial schedule (I had read theflyer wrong plus a half hour delay on UVM's part). In hindsight Irealize that my water consumption tapered off as we passed my plannedstart time (you can only drink so much water before you get sick ofit; I can prove that my consumption tapered off because if not I wouldhave had to refill my bottles from somewhere, which I did not).

For more concrete evidence, I realize now that I didn't go to thebathroom after 9:15 when I started really getting on the trainer.Typically being on the trainer along with all that water makes mereally have to go just before the race starts. To keep with thetapering off theory, from the time I got up at 4:30 in the morninguntil 9 I put out about 48 ounces of urine (it gets real easy to tellwhen you're mostly using a bottle in the car). First thing, note theslight imbalance---more water going out than in. I'll have to thinkabout what that means if anything (I'm not convinced it's as simple assaying you're losing water; consider that a fair bit of that is wasteprocessed overnight). But, after 9 I didn't have to go to thebathroom before the race and not again until after lunch, around 3.That says pretty strongly that something was off with my hydration.

Ok, but I didn't feel thristy or dry-mouthed like I usually do, and Idon't think I was so dehydrated as to get as bad as I did, so theremust be more. Clearly, I didn't eat enough. The race being sodelayed really screwed with my pretty well regimented pre-race eating(right now I'm set on Powerbar 2-2.5 hours before the race, banana,piece of toast, or roughly a third of a powerbar for every additionalhour before the race, which is hard to follow if the times keepchanging, but I think this could stand some more experimentation).Also, I didn't eat before our ride. That was just plain stupid. Ithink the heat and slight dehydration combined with the usualpost-exertion food aversion had already set in to make me not want toeat anything, but given the heat, effort, and times I should haveforced something or taken it with me.

Finally, that leaves the heat. Clearly that magnified every problem.In addition, the sun and the sunburn it gave me really made thingsworse.

So, lessons learned:

I need to be even more careful about my water regimentation and make sure I'm putting enough down. In addition, I need to be more watchful for irregularities in my pre-race bathroom habits and things like that.

I need to make sure I eat something after the race and/or to have something with me at all times. At home I always have excess water and food on me even if I'm going for a short ride or even just walking around, because you never know what's going to happen. But, we've been pretty cavalier about these post-race rides (for example, neglecting to carry tools), and I haven't been restocking my water and food like I normally would before a ride. Clearly I need to start doing so.

I need to not get sunburnt and should use the sunscreen that I've been carrying with me every weekend.

Being pretty attentive to (some might say anal about) how much water I'm putting down, food I'm eating, etc. can help investigate, diagnose, and hopefully prevent problems like this,even if it does let Jay make fun of you.

I thought I'd include all this in here in case it might help outsomeone reading it. In particular I'm thinking of the guys gettingready to do longer rides in the next couple weeks and such. Besides,getting so ill was really the most significant part of my weekend.Well, that and Erik noticing that my derailleur hanger got bent in thecrash on Thursday. Beating Simon from Rutgers on Sunday was also anoteworthy point for me as the contrary has been hapenning all toooften for my tastes.</blockquote>

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