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UVM Sleepy Hollow MTB

Date: 2003-09-21
By: Mike Ondik

  • If you were not confused by my last two race reports then Iím not doing my job properly.
  • The race at sleepy hollow is one of the best races on the ECCC MTB schedule. It gives the Plattekill race a solid run for its money. Itís like the Kevin Bouchard-Hall of the schedule. (An extremely talented rider from UVM) Najeeb Qutob added that last sentence for some reason.
  • No matter how you drive. No matter what you do. It takes 10 hours to drive to Sleepy Hollow. At least this is the case for Drexel. I mean Bloomsburg University makes the trip in 7 hours. Of course they keep gas cans in their trunks and knawel on their arms for nourishment. Some competitors just take competition to the next level. Penn State arrives at Sleepy Hollow in well under 9 hours. Some say that they are just lucky like the characters in Cheech and Chong movies.
  • The course is mostly single track. There is a technical climb in the beginning which is followed by a technical descent. This is followed by a few sections of fire road which are all separated by short sections of moderately technical single track. Oh, and at one point you have to duck under a tree.
  • The results are still unofficial and I wonít even attempt to sort out the XC C at this point but in menís XC B Ė Justin Kline/DNF (he missed his start because of a miscommunication with the course official), in womenís XC B Ė Lauren Masaro/8th, and menís XC C will have to be updated at a later time.
  • On Saturday night the team traveled in to Burlington and Winooski. A few members of the team saw a comedy show (I am convinced that the comedian we saw is the antichrist and I canít stop laughing about it). A few members of the team toured scenic Burlington. It was described to me a very cool place.
  • Sunday morning was spent loading up the cars then we were off for the 9 hour drive home. Tired and weary eyed we unpacked the cars. And put another great weekend in the books.
  • A special thanks goes out to all the team members who attended, all the alumni who care how we do, all the members who couldnít make it (excluding NOS), and to Beth; the team photographer/support. We couldnít pull these disorganized jury rigged trips off without you all. Time is up for me I seem to have written on a fourth grade level for this report. What an improvement.
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