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PSU Centre County Addendum

Date: 2005-04-02
By: jkopena

  • Also, how could I forget: we crashed at Jake Peter's place thisweekend, chatted up his female roommates, and ate all his food. Hishouse is pretty cool, though it could definitely stand some more waterpressure, especially if they're going to host the whole DFTC entourage(some 9 people this weekend), as well as some water polo team. Myonly regret is that I was way too out of it to even see any of themwhen the water polo team come back from the bar, came downstairs tosleep, and woke me up before they realized there were other peopledown there. Joe and Sarah also came out for the races, and I'm gladthe gods obliged them with good spectating weather :/
  • Also, Ondik may or may not have spent much of Friday night in a dress.He was beautiful, and it was worth being woken up for. He's justlucky he's not Kline. At first as he was waking me up I thought itwas Justin, waking me up from a dead sleep for the second weekend in arow (last Saturday, midnight, 6 am wakeup, I get a call: "SoJoe... how was the race today? Good? Ok... So, what's going on?"),and I was really contemplating hitting him until I saw it wasn'tJustin, saw that the thing waking me up was neiter male nor female,and got really confused.
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