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Boston Beanpot Classic

Date: 2005-04-09
By: jkopena

Results from Boston this weekend:

Team Time Trial

  • Men's C (17 starters)
    • 14th Drexel
  • Men's D (15 teams)
    • 12th Drexel

Road Race

  • Men's B (78 starters)
    • 25th Justin Kline
    • 26th Joe Kopena
    • 35th Erik da Silva
  • Men's C (68 starters)
    • 26th Chris Hair
  • Men's D (99 starters)
    • 61st Doug Markgraf (two crashes)
    • 79th Mike Ondik
    • 87th Steve Bronstein (flat)
    • 90th Dan Moyer
    • dnf Steve Place (flat)


  • Men's B (59 starters)
    • 11th Erik da Silva
    • dnf Joe Kopena (wussy and angry)
  • Men's C (50 starters)
    • 25th Chris Hair
  • Men's D (43 starters)
    • 26th Doug Markgraf
    • 29th Steven Place
    • 32nd Dan Moyer
    • 34th Steve Bronstein
    • 36th Mike Ondik
  •  Of note, our Men's B team again failed spectacularly to get to theline on time. There were also whole slew of crashes, flats, andmechanical failures throughout the weekend. However, the weather wasreally nice, but that did mean several of us got pretty sunburnt.
  •  Feeling that I needed all my gears and shifting in general for thisweekend, I of course I did the smart thing: I borrowed Steve's bike.Let me tell you, the first lap was real interesting as I adjusted tothe handling and fit (I don't reccommend this kind of action). Longstory short, the road race was solid though I only finished in thegroup. Despite probably being the closest fit on the team other thanErik's, and me loving the fit of Steve's mountain bikes, the Douglaswas way too big. The Saturday course made it sort of ok---I couldstand on the hills and cruise easily in the pack on the other parts.
  •  Unfortunately, early on I was in a small crash. After that, my brakeskept rubbing and it was killing me on hills. One of the PSU guys andI kept dialing out the brakes but it didn't help much. After almosttwo laps of that, Erik saw what was going on and started yelling at methat my wheel was out of the dropouts. It had probably been loose tostart with (I'd thrown my wheel and its funky Rolf skewers ontoSteve's bike), and the early incident probably didn't help. After Ifixed that I was a good half mile back. But, that same PSU friend hadalso had trouble and I caught him quickly. The two of us put in apretty big effort and 3/4 of the way into the last lap caught thegroup. Let me tell you, it felt great to finally come back up to Erikand Justin. At the start of the chase I'd been pretty sure I wasn'tgoing to make it to the group before the finish.
  •  Ben from PSU's a beast, and took the finishing sprint climb for 5th or6th despite the extra chase. I had the endurance to set myself upwell, but on the uphill finish I had zero strength and got swarmed. Iwas sort of pleased at tacking back on and placing ok after all thetroubles, but was pissed that Justin caught me right before the line.
  •  The crit on Sunday was a wash on my end. If you have a chance to dothe Tufts crit (they have Fed races), do it. It's very technical anda lot of fun. I was doing well, but the bike was just too big. Assome measure of that, throughout the rotation my knee never went pastmy heel, even with the seat all the way forward and lower than I'dlike. I just couldn't get any leverage over the pedals, and withoutbeing able to accelerate quickly I was getting killed in every corner.Eventually I wussed out and rode off to sulk in the cars. Hopefullythis week I'll be equipped with a new ride and it'll go better.
  •  Justin put in a great weekend, upgrading to B, though he skipped thecrit to save his knees. Definitely he fits right in there in thoseraces. Erik again spent all sorts of time ahead in the road race, forno apparent reason. I greatly enjoyed sitting in the back listeningto people try and figure out who that was up the road---"Who is thatup there? Yale? Bucknell? No, I think it's a Drexel guy. Drexel?"He did howevery redeem himself by doing pretty well in Sunday's crit.I'm hoping Justin, Erik, and I can actually get our act together anddo some interesting. I even promise to talk to them a bit (they seemconvinced that I'll only talk to the UPenn and PSU guys in a race).
  •  Our boy Chris earned us our first infraction of the year, when heutterly failed to realize no one else was sprinting, thought the racewas ending, and took off across the yellow line in a mad dash... alap too early. The officials, however, took pity on him, probablylargely because they figured he must already feel like a jackass.
  •  Our D guys were plagued with trouble on Saturday---crashes, flats, youname it. However, everybody looked pretty strong in the crit onSunday, surprisingly so given how technical it is. Steve and Doug inparticular could do really well in some of the coming crits if theycan just punch it up a bit in the opening phase of the race and makethe selection into the lead group.
  •  So, it was a decent weekend. Nothing god awful, nothing reallyspectacular, except all the sunshine (it was so nice). Hopefully Armywill be a little more exciting (in a good way).
  •  Two other notes:
  •   - The fields were ridiculously big. Check out those start sizes.
  •   - Regi came and hung out with us on Sunday. He seems to be doing well and is even talking about maybe trying some racing in the summer. We'll see. I hear this sort of talk from alumni all the time (coughs, looks at Lou).
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