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Army Spring Classic

Date: 2005-04-16
By: jkopena

Results for Army weekend:

Team Time Trial

  • Men's D (10 starters)
  • 6th Drexel (I forget which trial team had who)
  • 7th Drexel

Road Race (57 starters)

  • Men's B
    • 15th Erik da Silva
    • dq Joe Kopena (yellow line violation)
    • dnf Justin Kline (mechanical, wheel vibration)
  • Men's C (54 starters)
    • 26th Chris Hair
  • Men's D (70 starters)
    • 39th Steven Place
    • 42nd Doug Markgraf
    • 43rd Mike Ondik
    • 47th Brian Muka
    • 53rd Dan Moyer
    • 55th Mike Powers
    • dnf Steve Bronstein

Hill Climb

  • Men's B (38 starters)
    • 8th Joe Kopena
  • Men's C (43 starters)
    • 26th Chris Hair
  • Men's D (46 starters)
    • 28th Mike Ondik


  • Men's B (47 starters)
    • 11th Joe Kopena
    • 30th Justin Kline (mechanical, broken cable)
    • 37th Erik da Silva (crash holdup, 1 sprint pt)
  • Men's C (55 starters)
    • 16th Chris Hair (3 sprint pts)
  • Men's D (31 starters)
    • 10th Dan Moyer
    • 19th Steve Place
    • 20th Brian Muka (crash)
    • 23rd Doug Markgraf
    • 24th Steve Bronstein
    • 26th Mike Powers
    • 28th Mike Ondik
  •  Let me say off the bat that although I may have been DQ'd, Chris Hairremains our resident yellow line violator, and that's team gospel.
  •  However, as you've probably all picked up, this weekend was theunveiling of my new ride, an all carbon Specialized. Given that Ifailed to win the race, getting DQ'd was probably the most spectacularway short of a crash to inaugurate the beast.
  •  Seriously though, it was pretty aggravating. I wouldn't have noticeduntil Sunday, but I was worried I wouldn't get placed because I had noframe number on so I went and checked the results right after therace. I figured I was ~10--12 but I'm looking down the list, andlooking, and still looking, and finally I see me all the way at thebottom DQ'd along with a bunch of other guys! The officials said eachof has had been warned during the race but continued to violate theyellow line and were DQ'd. That clearly wasn't true, I was neverapproached during the race. The officials seemed pretty clueless asto why we were DQ'd, the story/locations/etc kept shifting and it waspretty frustrating, but ultimately you can't fight the law.
  •  Even before that, the road race was sort of frustrating. Cutesdropped out early after getting a bad shimmy in his front wheel on thelong Army descent. Then none of the climbers were really willing tomove together and leave the main group behind, so it mostly came downto this stupid bunch sprint at the end. It was pretty funny on thelast lap when Erik came forward (I hadn't seen him for a while). Thetwo halves of my brain simultaneously thought "Awesome, Erik's here!"and "Damn it, Erik's here, all the sprinters are still here!"
  •  Interestingly, in reality Erik's not really a sprinter and I'm notreally a climber. We're probably both more all-around riders, withmaybe slight specializations (E: pack riding/corners; me:hills/endurance). A number of the more pure sprinters weren't thereat the finish with E on Saturday, while a number of guys who beat mein the hill climb weren't there with me at the end of the crit.
  •  The crit was at least interesting. Erik got stuck behind a crash.Like a lot a people, he was riding the fast outside line and someoneslipped out on the last lap. I'd been riding the tight inside,which took more energy but ultimately worked out safer.
  •  However, Justin gets major points (and got a whole lot of attentionover the PA system) for doing the essentially perfectly flat, fastcrit entirely in his small chainring after his derailleur cablesnapped. I didn't get the whole story, but for the record this isbelieved to have been caused by Steve B dropping the bike before therace and Justin not noticing until the first lap (which the three ofus pretty much spent trolling around arguing as to whether or not hecould get a free lap for it; in the end he did but couldn't do muchabout it).
  •  Ondik also gets points for being the only one to do all four races.The B TTT team got lazy, figured we'd probably miss the start timeanyway, and didn't even sign up, so Ondik beat me on that count.Chris also gets points for being the only other one besides O & I todo the Hill Climb. He apparently still had the energy to put in areally solid looking crit, taking a few sprint points and hanging inthe front of the group the whole time.
  •  Doug also gets points, not sure of what kind, for crashing in the TTT.I still have not figured out from the accounts how that happenned.
  •  The D guys all did great in the road race, placing well on the hillycourse. That is, of course, for Bronstein, who wussed out after a lap(no slack for slackers!). However, we'll let him slide as he put in areally solid effort in the crit, hanging in there a long while on apretty tough course and continually tacking back onto the group justas he was about to slip. I chalk this up to Erik's new motivationaltactics, yelling things like "Hurry up and pedal you idiot!!!" Thiswas of course after we'd been telling the D crew before the race thattheir goal was to beat Muka and Muka's was to beat everybody else. Asyou can see, our coaching skills are coming along nicely.
  •  Armed with such motivational material as that, Justin, E, and I allhurt ourselves screaming at the guys. The Army crit is greatspectating because you can see the whole course from any point, yetit's still an interesting one with a slight bump/descent and severaltight corners. All the guys really put in a good show. MikePowers held in there suprisingly well for his first crit on a notparticularly friendly course. Doug even managed to keep it uprightthis time. Muka was taken down, but tucked back in aftera free lap and ran a decent race. It was just unfortunate becausehe was looking really strong but after the crash couldn't shift,which made him slip out of the lead group. Steve Place lookedstrong leading up the second group, and was great to watch as heled a couple charges over the little hill. Big points goes toDan for quietly sitting in the small second group then chargingfrom way back on the back stretch to win that bunch's sprintand break into the top ten.
  •  It's been an interesting couple of weekends. Fielding 11 racers iscertainly quite a change from a few years back when it was just theIceman and I. We camped out this weekend, and really lucked outweather wise, temperatures and skies being nice enough that most of usslept under the stars (feels so good). Dodd and Emmy joined us onSaturday, along with Simon, which meant he also got to see theunveiling of the new bike. I remember when he got his current bikethree years ago, and those Ksyriums he had that he couldn't use incrits because they'd flex in every corner.
  •  On a final note, as this weekend showed, there's a lot more to theDrexel Cycling experience than just bikes. A large part of that iscamping, which includes things like packing up all your food and gear.One of the more amusing parts of the weekend occurred while Justin,Beth, Chris, Erik, and I were waiting for the D guys to finish thetime trial. A bunch of well trained paramilitary deer successfullyengaged a combined diversion/stealth attack, with two distracting usat one picnic table while more snuck up behind the campsite. We ofcourse did our best to stop them from eating the D guys' food, whichhad been left out open and sprawled all over a picnic table, but theywere pretty much unstoppable. And by unstoppable I mean Justinstarted waving the peanut butter around to lead them to it, Erikalmost fell off the roof of the car trying to film it, and I almostchoked trying not to laugh too hard and scare them away.
  •  As far as I can tell, we're clearly the best coaches in the ECCC.
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