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Rutgers ECCC Season Opener

Date: 2006-03-05
By: Joe Kopena

Sat 3/4/2006: Rutgers Time Trial
Men's A (46 starters)

  •  38th Joe Kopena

Men's B (55 starters)

  •   14th Adam Leman
  •   37th Chris Hair

Men's C (81 starters)

  •   3rd Stefan Grecu

Men's D (92 starters)

  •   29th Matt Schoman
  •   48th Collin Hair
  •   76th Brian Gordaychik

Sat 3/4/2006: Rutgers Criterium
Men's A (48 starters)

  •   dnf Joe Kopena

Men's B (63 starters)

  •   24rd Chris Hair
  •   dnf Adam Leman

    Women's B (Div 2, 29 starters)

  •   24th Anna Fox

    Men's C (Div 2, 46 starters)

  •   13th Stefan Grecu

    Men's D (Div 2, 62 starters)

  •   11th Matt Schoman
  •   23rd Jamil Alexander
  •   27th Brian Muka
  •   28th Collin Hair
  •   30th Shannon Kurtas
  •   32nd Dan Moyer
  •   dnf Steven Bronstein
  •   dnf Brian Gordaychik

Sun 3/5/2006: Rutgers Circuit Race
    Men's A (50 starters)

  •   23rd Joe Kopena

    Men's B (59 starters)

  •   22nd Chris Hair
  •   41st Adam Leman

    Women's B (68 starters)

  •   16th Anna Fox

    Men's C (92 starters)

  •   20th Stefan Grecu

    Men's D (Div 2, 58 startesr)

  •   16th Matt Schoman
  •   22nd Collin Hair
  •   27th Doug Markgraf
  •   29th Brian Gordaychik
  •   51st Steven Bronstein

That's the biggest turnout we've ever had for a road weekend, the previous mark being 11 riders. We had 13 racers out on Saturday, and 14 people throughout the weekend. Fifteen's our highest ever, for several MTB races a few years ago, so we don't have that far to go tocap that either. In addition, our women's road team made its stunning debut, much to the surprise and shock of a great many people.

The weekend went pretty well. A bunch of us clearly had forgotten howto road race over the winter, but a couple people had really greatopening weekends. Bonus points to Adam for crushing Chris & I in the ITT by ~30 seconds. Double points to Stefan for delivering just slightly less of a shellacking unto Chris and I in the TT and staying upright despite someone crashing into his bars in the circuit race sprint. I thought everybody looked pretty good, despite a brutal ITT(very cold & windy...) and deceptively sketchy & difficult crit.Stefan, Matt, and Jamil all had great first crits. Moyer surprised me by hanging in there pretty well in the crit despite not working out at all this winter, and Shannon looked not terribly bothered by all the people going down in that last corner. Brian G and Collin held in there in the circuit race until the last couple laps for a great second mass start race. Anna looked solid & smart in a pretty decent women's B field, which have gotten more & more serious as they've gotten bigger. They're much less the Sunday strolls they used to be,and she hung right in there into the final sprint on Sunday. Also, despite struggling in the TT, Chris managed to hold Furman & Wooten atbay (despite a crash trashing his rear cassette & wheel early on),thus enabling him to continue smack talking the Quakers, which is really all he cares about this year. I had a terrible Saturday but a fun time on Sunday, which was super sketchy for the first half hour(e.g, my rear derailleur's trashed from someone crashing into it; I only had 4 cogs after the first 20 minutes) but pretty fast & fun.

That's the long & short of it. One thing for everyone to keep in mind is that it is the first weekend and racing, particularly crits, takes getting used to, no matter how fit you are. So, things only get better from here, which means they look pretty promising.

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