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Drexel / UPenn Race Weekend

Date: 2006-03-11
By: Adam L
Saturday TTT

Menís D 14 teams

4th Drexel 3
6th Drexel 2
12th Drexel 1

Menís C 13 teams
7th Drexel

Saturday Circuit Race

Menís D 41 starters

3rd Jamil Hunter-Alexander
9th Mike Powers
11th Shannon Kurtas
12th Brian Muka
13th Brian Gordaychik
14th Doug Markgraf
27th Steve Bronstein
30th Sean Kavanagh
33rd Dan Moyer
dnf Matt Schoman
dnf Collin Hair

Menís B 89 starters

Dnf Stefan Grecu
Dnf Mike Coyle

Womenís B 50 starters

39th Anna Fox

Menís B 54 starter

1st Chris Hair
dnf Adam Leman

Menís A 45 starters

18th Joe Kopena

Philly Phat Phlyer at Lemon Hill

Menís D 35 starters

1st Collin Hair
6th Doug Markgraf
7th Brian Muka
13th Sean Kavanagh
12th Brian Crawford
18th Shannon Kurtas
19th Steve Bronstein
dnf Dan Moyer
dnf Brian Gordaychik

Menís C 79 starters

45th Stefan Grecu
dnf Mike Coyle

Menís B 41 starters

7th Chris Hair
dnf Adam Leman

Menís A 40 starters

25th Joe Kopena

What a weekend, what an amazing weekend, the results donít even describe what a success this weekend was for Drexel Cycling. Months of prep work came to fruition in the Arkema Schuylkill Challenge and Philly Phat Phlyer. With the backing of one of the greatest minds in the area, Joe Kopena, collegiate racing returned to Philadelphia in dramatic fashion. Throughout the weekend the Drexel and Penn teams put in a huge effort to not only race their hearts out but marshal, announce and unfortunately clean their hearts out too. Saturday and Sunday turned out to be very different days, Saturday was warm and clear with temps in the 70s, while everyone suffered through cool temps and occasional Sunday downpours.

The weekend began with a fast open TTT on the western bank of the Schuylkill River, no longer the dirtiest river in the area. After a few quality practices, our D teams drilled it, using their acquired pacelining skills and good communication, all three teams earned good results and finished strong. The only remaining team, the Menís B team, made of 2 Bs and 2 Cs put together a strong showing as well, finishing off the morning charge with a solid 7th place finish, helped along by the fact that Stefan Grecu leaves a huge slipstream behind him, bigger I swear, than a stock car.

The pinnacle of the weekend, in terms of results and logistical challenges came in the Arkema Circuit race, a fantastic 6 mile course the traced up and down the river with short but difficult loops on each end.

The Ds started aggression with a huge showing during the first race, unfortunately a few of the Ds ended up behind the inevitable crashing and bashing involved in the D field, but for the rest of the team reading the race and reacting to big moves from some of the other schools became paramount. All the men did Drexel proud, Jamil reading the race perfectly and holding off two charging MITs to get his first podium placing, 3rd. Looking at the results, Drexel placed an incredible 5 more riders in the top 15, a good way to start off the first real road race of the year.

Our favorite womenís race Anna Fox had her Circuit race debut and made a great showing, finishing her first circuit race and once again keeping the Drexel Womenís team in existence.

In the first major triumph of the weekend, Chris Hair OWNED the group sprint at the end of a fast Menís B race, taking home the teamís first win of the season. Chris dominated the sprint, coming to the fore early and powering right down the middle of the road to bring home the goods.

After only a few hours of sleep (any?) and many an hour screaming into the mic at the start/finish; Joe Kopena stepped into the ring, decked out in pink accessories and scored his first A grade points, riding smoothly and intelligently in the A pack to bring home 18th place in the A race.

Sunday was a crappy day, but as they say the Dude abides, and races from the Northeast trickled back into Fairmount Park after soaking up Philly Culture for a night. The crit at Lemon Hill is technical, exciting, and um covered in wrappers with ďhorseysĒ on them. At points, turn two was being bailed out by garbage cans and shovels!

The Menís D race was miserable, rain was overflowing onto the course for the last few minutes, but that in no way stopped Drexel, with 3 riders in the lead group, all rode intelligently, conserving their energy until the finish with Collin Hair emulating big brother with a powerful finishing kick to take the race and Doug and Muka both pulling in top tens. Many a Drexel racer followed, proving that drilling it the first lap is a fine collegiate tactic.

The Menís B and C races saw more rain and more misery, alleviated for sure by Chris Hairís strong 7th place in the B race.

Joe came back for more A action; earning 25th and ensuring that he was not beaten by a single female, then for him it was right back to the mic for the podium presentations.

Some USCF races came up afterwards, reminding us how smooth and intelligently collegiate races ride, despite complaints to the contrary every so often. Collin and Stefan both saddled up for the 5/Citizen race to take on Drexel Alumnae who raced for both pride and the tasty Dunkiní Donuts waiting for them after their half hour in the cold rain. It was good to see the olí school jerseys getting busted out, but Iím glad to say that the 2006 kit absolutely is a 45000% improvement. The Cat 3/ 4 race saw nothing but unpredictable riding and an inevitable pileup that left our fearless leader Joe out for two months with a broken wrist. It wasnít the reward Joe deserved for spearheading this fine weekend, and we canít wait to see him back in action.

Thanks to our sponsors, the volunteers, friends, and family. This race brought a whole lotta love to this team, playing a home game.

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