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Strasburg Road Race, 2006-03-18

by Adam L

Strasburg was good, very interesting. The Cat 3/4 field was 77 people even though I remember it being a field limit of 75, oh well.

The morning air reeked of manure, some of the "Plain People" were fertilizing their fields, their fields being every single field surrounding the race course. Afterwards, me and my clothes also became quite fragrant.

The race itself was super windy, and out of the 77 guys, about 30 made it to the front within the first lap (out of 6). Greg (superfast HS senior on TI/BBS) made the group and was doing his thing on the frontish side of it for a while. I was in it until about 1/2 way thru the 2nd lap when the wind did the whiplash thing through the group and sent me into the gravel, it was awesome. It was also completely my fault, don't ride at the back! and don't ride on the leeward side of the road in a crosswind.

I spent the rest of the time fighting thru the wind in small groups and ended up 40th, covered in dusty snot. Not so bad, Greg was 19th after fighting the wind at the front. The wind made the 33 mile, relatively flat race take over half an hour; since the entire backside of the course was into a headwind.

All of that and super sketchy old dudes (some familiar faces from last week) made me miss ECCC races. The only advantage was that USCF people are ever so slightly cleaner w/the portajohns.

From the 'hood, Adam

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