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Columbia Grant's Tomb Crit & Prin, 2006-03-18

by smk

Columbia Grant's Tomb Criterium

  • Men D2 (45 Starters)
    • 5th Doug Markgraf
    • 27th Shannon Kurtas
    • 29th Brian Gordaychik
    • 31st Steve Bronstein

Princeton Orange Criterium

  • Men B (36 Starters)
    • 5th Chris Hair
  • Men D2 (35 Starters)
    • 7th Doug Markgraf
    • 12th Shannon Kurtas
    • 21st Brian Gordaychik
    • 27th Collin Hair

Day trips to Columbia and "Princeton" meant early wake up calls on both Saturday and Sunday. By "Princeton," I mean Branchville, NJ in lovely Sussex County, which is actually MUCH FARTHER. This meant even less sleep for Chris who did not appreciate the hoodlums assaulting his vehicle late Saturday evening.

With the exception of our newly injured captain & ECCC baron Joseph Kopena, the rest of the team was too cool for the Columbia race (likely related to St. Patrick's Day) and left the D-unit to represent Drexel. Doug did us proud with a top 10 finish which he replicated on Sunday at the Princeton race. Steve, Brian, and I were apparently too busy gazing at the scenic upper west side of Manhattan and flirting with female racers, resulting in us pulling in with the meaty part of the field. After the race we headed to the nearest gourmet establishment for a post race meal, a rest stop on the NJ turnpike. We ended up eating a combination of Cinnabon and some shady, several day old, BBQ food. Needless to say, our colons punished us for hours to come.

Princeton's crit on Sunday was far away and Collin was banned from leading any more caravans for attempting to lose Joe at a number of yellow lights. The morning air was bitter cold and snow was falling for many of the races. This obviously deterred many teams from coming out -- the D1 field was so small that every participant scored points for showing up. Our D2 race was fortunately a bit larger. Doug scored another top 10 finish and I pulled in my first collegiate race points. Doug, Brian, and myself all heeded Chris' advice and "whooped Collin's lily-ass." Chris decided he was not going to drive 3 hours, race in the bitter cold, and come home empty handed, so he took 5th place in the men's B race and brought home even more points. We decided to cram back into the warmth of a fine German automobile and head home to study for finals, leaving Joe in the cold by his injured self. Collin's unmatched navigational prowess took us on another detour for a scenic view of Manhattan, getting us home later than would have been possible otherwise and prompting more verbal abuse from his older brother.

- Shannon

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