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Lehigh Crit & Bucknell Int'l Collegiate Classic

Date: 2006-03-25
By: Dan, Coyle, Adam

Lehigh Criterium

Men B (40 Starters)

  • 15th Adam Leman
  • 22nd Chris Hair

Men C (52 Starters)

  • 22nd Mike Coyle
  • 23rd Stefan Grecu

Men D2 (29 Starters)

  • 8th Shannon Kurtas
  • 10th Collin Hair
  • 17th Brian Muka
  • 20th Brian Gordaychik
  • 22nd Doug Markgraf
  • 23rd Dan Moyer

Bucknell Criterium

Men B (36 Starters)

  • 4th Chris Hair

Women B (25 Starters)

  • 20th Anna Fox

Men C (42 Starters)

  • 27th Mike Coyle

Men D (43 Starters)

  • 24th Steve Bronstein
  • 25th Doug Markgraf
  • 30th Collin Hair

Well I must say nothing starts off a great weekend of racing like being stuffed into a SUV with 4 other guys while listening to ridiculous 80s music all while purposely trying to make Joe laugh because he asked us not to because of his broken rib, yes we are evil evil people.

Well to start off with the entire weather situation was a little sketchy; partly sunny, partly cloudy, few showers, scattered showers, WHO THE HELL KNOWS?!?!?! But fortunately it was mostly just over cast with the occasional rain drop, it never really rained, good thing. For reasons I will not go into I really didnít get an adequate warm up for the Lehigh C race, and riding hard Thursday seemed to have left my legs a little too cooked, which became quite evident after 2min on the trainer. After lining up I continued my train of thought that starting a race going down hill is just stupid, I have no justification or reasoning, it just is. But it seemed that the slightly slick roads and the speed picked up going down hill made some sketchy in the first turn with people grabbing a fist full of brake and fishtailing all the hell over the place, idiots. The second turn didnít seem quite as bad as most figured out that they should slow down before the turn, not in it. Then came the up hill which affirmed my suspicion that my legs had no desire to propel me in any direction other than DOWN a hill. And I have to do this 10 more times!?!?! From then on everyone seemed to take the turns a little smoother and I consistently had the same pattern on the hill; the first ĺ I could sit and spin, which I much prefer, but then the last ľ had a slight grade change which seemed to kill my calves, which caused me to jump out of the saddle and stomp on the pedals to sprint to catch the lead group, I HATE doing that. Fortunately for almost the entire race I caught back on before the right turn at the top of the hill, which is good because once we approached the start/finish I was slightly more relaxed and I could hear Joeís awesome commentating. At this point you may ask yourself, much like we all did, how the hell does Joe get to commentate at other schoolís races?? Well, I really donít know, I think they just feel sorry for him since heís a handicapped person now, who knows. But, like I said I was able to catch the main pack on every lap, except of course for the last lap. I wasnít too far back but it was just enough that I didnít quite have the energy to grab a wheel to pull me home that I might be able to sprint around for some sort of glory. In the end I was just about the last person some what attached to the main pack which was still a decent size, and I ended up with 22nd, I am happy and after having started 3 races, Iíve finally finished my 4th, WOOHOO!

- Coyle

While my cosmic calf serum thaws...(I'm not eating it for dinner, I'm feeding it to HeLa cells)...

So Saturday started out with a bang, two (ever so soft) bangs actually as Joe managed to one arm parallel park in front of North. So we actually managed to save a little bit of gas and the environment by leaving Joe's car in Philly. After a sweet drive up, we arrived at Iaccoca Hall, at Lehigh, named for that guy in the Chrysler commercials with Snoop Dogg, automatically we are cool by association. The other thing that was cool was my preRace dinner, jelly beans and fish fry, mmm mmm Good.

So we walk up to registration; since we prereg'ed they hand us IRON ENERGY. The only energy drink with a horse on it. Doug said it made him 10% slower and 48.5% sicker. I'll do the research on it later.

What actually made Doug slower was the constant desire of his chain to jump off his chainrings, which was completely unrelated to me and Chris changing out his cassette for him less than 30 minutes before the D race. The Ds all looked good, charging up and down the hill, the D race spread out quick and Army was able to work over everyone and anyone that tried to hit the front. Shannon Kurtas brought home some more points, and managed to make it all look like he wasn't even trying. Collin Hair almost made it up to the front 9 and some more points, but the massive amount of hair poking through his leg warmers made it impossible. This man will need a flowbee to take all of that off, when this occurs he will immediately upgrade to A.

The C race was again the largest race of the Lehigh event, something like 450 racers, some on klunkers, some on really really really really high end bike with really really really high end wheels. It's a good study in contrast. Stefan and Mike Coyle managed to stick it out in a race that was decided mostly by attrition and hung in there for 22nd and 23rd, again proving the magnetic effect of wearing the same jerseys.

We had no women racers on Saturday, so our next and last event was Mens B, me and Chris Hair lined up to a smallish field of 40 guys. After taking 2 practice laps that foiled our plans for front row dominance, the race began quite calmly. Chris went right to the front, and me right to the back. About 3 laps into the 16? lap race, my seat managed to, um, angle up over the odd speedbump near the top of the hill. This provided me with the motivation to get this race done as soon as I possibly could. Chris patrolled the front, and keenly took 2nd in a Sprint Prime, helping keep his overall position way up in the single digits. He's a sprint animal, also a Kenny Loggins animal. Unfortunately the hill lap after lap took it's toll on Chris and his UPenn shadow Furman, which is when for the first time in a collegiate race, I could actually be seen nearish to the front. A few laps later, the group continued to lose 1 rider per lap or so, and an attack from a Dartmouth rider provoke a< BR> n effective chase, leaving about 20 riders for a small bunch sprint. I finished 15th, 1 pt, Chris finished not far behind the front group, finishing off his final objective of the day, beating Josh Furman in a sprint, if only he had bet him his carbon wheels.

After this I went straight to Wendy's, then to the lab, which wasn't nearly as exciting as some cheap hotel in Lewisburg, PA....

Other notes: The entire Yale team is on notice, even Bronstein's buddy. This is an edict of the new king of the microphone, Joe.

- Adam

The Lehigh/Bucknell weekend started out with some crazy antics of Joe trying to get into a parking spot that had about an inch of room on each side. It was an Austin Powers type maneuver of going back and forth about 32 times. We finally got on the road with Adam "forgot to print out the directions" Leman taking up the rear. We arrived at Lehigh ahead of schedule because there were very few people in front of us for registration. The forecast wasn't the greatest, with a 50% chance of rain, but somehow the rain held off and only a few flurries hit the pavement. The Lehigh course started out going downhill, had two sharp turns at the bottom, then it went up a hill with a "speed bump", then back to the start. I thought the course was very smooth, and the first sharp turn could be taken at full speed with some generous body-English. On that first turn in the D race, I heard something hit the pavement, I'm not sure if it was just a pedal or a crash. We were going about 30 mph, so if it was a crash it would have been pretty disastrous.

- Dan

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