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Boston Beanpot Classic, 2006-04-08

by Everyone

Team Time Trial - Grafton, MA

  • Men B (8 Teams) 7.7 Miles
    • 2nd Drexel 19:42.29

Men D (16 Teams) 7.7 Miles

    DNS Drexel [Vehicle Navigational Issues]

Road Race - Grafton, MA

  • Men B (75 Starters) 58 Miles
    • 5th Christopher Hair
    • 39th Adam Leman
  • Men C (100 Starters) 44 Miles
    • 38th Michael Coyle
    • 44th Stefan Grecu
  • Men D2 (79 Starters) 30 Miles
    • 18th Sean Kavangh
    • 20th Doug Markgraf
    • 25th Collin Hair
    • 26th Shannon Kurtas
    • 48th Brian Gordaychik
    • 70th Steven Bronstein [flat, by foot]
    • DNF Daniel Moyer [flat]

Tufts Criterium - Somerville, MA

  • Men B (63 Starters)
    • 3rd Christopher Hair
    • 48th Adam Leman
  • Men C2 (42 Starters)
    • 15th Michael Coyle
    • 19th Stefan Grecu
  • Men D2 (58 Starters)
    • 10th Sean Kavanagh
    • 12th Dan Moyer
    • 18th Doug Markgraf
    • 19th Collin Hair
    • 28th Brian Gordaychik
    • 31st Shannon Kurtas
    • 32nd Steven Bronstein
  • USCF Men 4/5 (51 Starters)
    • DNF Chris Bujak
    • DNS COllin Hair
    • DNF Adam Leman

This weekend was awesome.

I'll leave most of the goofy details of the past 3 days to Stefan, because I can't even remember half of them. But the drive up to Mass. started after about a 2 hour car/bike packing ordeal that affirmed my belief that Drexel cycling is made up of a bunch of monkeys...stupid e-mail crazy monkeys. Needless to say, the countless e-mails sent out about plans resulted in bikes being taped together on one of the racks. The best comment was that the Penn team sent out only 1 e-mail about the entire trip (I think we were close to 5,000). However, everything worked out smoothly. During the drive, Dan Moyer was a lane switching guinea pig, me and Sean K agreed that my HS ice hockey team was the best, Stefan and Brian G almost died, and Filet-O-Fishes were had by most.

Saturday morning after spending 5 hours in the hotel, we woke up at 5:30 for the D TTT at 7:03 and ravaged the Continental breakfast. Having a warm bed to sleep in and a good breakfast would have enabled Team Clorox (Collin H, Brian G, Dan M, and Shannon K) to win the D TTT had they not been denied the chance to start because of Chris Hair

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