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Philadelphia 2 Day Cycling Classic, 2006-04-08

by Lou & Frank

For this who just read Lou's outstanding race report, I would like to add a few details, namely, I was the unidentified rider wearing Drexel Bib shorts, passing gas. Now you know.

Enough of that.

Let me preface by saying that it should be against the law to show up for a race when its dark, unless its a 24 hour race and its NIGHTTIME. As I had been talking this race up after the Drexel/ Penn Lemon Hill race, I figured I couldnt back out now, and Lou had been driving me crazy all week with phone calls and emails. If I didnt show, he more then likely would have shown up at my house after the race.

I got up at 4:50 in the a.m. I dont get up that early to go the gym before work. Once I packed the car up, I realized it was colder out today then it was at the Drexel/ Penn Crit.

Lou and I arrived at almost the exact same time. I had not pre-registered, so once I was done with the formalities, I got dressed, and as Lou had mentioned, we tried to coble together a "warm-up (after a cupcake).

At roughly 6:30, most of the CAT 5's had the same general idea; its cold, lets get started, and without any prompting from the officials, everyone lined up. And waited. And waited. At around 6:45 the promoter came up and gave us our instructions. We'd be doing a group lap to insure the course was closed and on the next lap we'd get a rolling start.

The group lap was tame enough and I stayed at the very front. Things obviously changed with the rolling start and we were off to the races (no pun intended).

I actually managed to stay on the front for most of the whole lap. On the second lap, I started to get dropped on the first climb, and then severely dropped on the second climb heading back to the start. On the third lap it was official - I was dropped. Like a stone. I did manage to catch a guy within the next two laps, but I think he was having bike problems. After I passed him, I saw him pull off the course.

Things for me were relatively uneventful. I got lapped by the main pack around lap 6. I got lapped by Lou and his boyfriend about two laps later. With 5 laps to go I got pulled.

I did manage to stay in the race for 8 laps which is 3 laps more then last time. I was on the bike for 30 minutes; 17 minutes more then last time.

I will say that its not a good sign on my end when I show up and just about everyone is wearing some sort of team jersey., except me. Thats a pretty good sign for me that I am outclassed.

The kid who won is apparently an ironman triathlete and this was his SECOND race. His first was yesterday, which he was leading, until he flatted on the last lap. After I got pulled I was talking to his dad. He won this race with a very comfortable lead on the chase pack.

In concurrence with Lou's sentiments, I think I may hang up the cleats on my all but brief road riding career and stick to Mountain Bike racing. I am (used to be?) semi-competitive in the Sport Class.

One more gripe. The race cost me $20 and the promoter wanted to charge me an extra $10 if I wasnt affiliated with a team, so I made one up. I am now the founding member, President, Treasurer, and Captain of the Drexel Alumni Cycling Association.

One last note: one of the riders I met was a PSU guy who didnt want to drive to Boston. He says hello.

- Frank Durso

Well i signed up for this race not knowing it started @ 630am, that sucked. Frank and i got to the course about 5:45 and obviously it is still dark at that time. The thermometer in the car was reading 30F. (I got the day off on the wrong foot from the get go.. I only had 1 cup cake) We registered for the race and got dressed and "attempted" to warm up. After a few laps around the course my heart rate was pegged and my feet were frozen. So all the riders line up at the start line and we waited... then waited some more... then waited some more. Finally we were off to the races. It was a pretty slow start. The pace picked up a bit after about the 3rd lap. My fat ass was struggling on the up hill as usual. I hung in there pretty good until about lap 5 where a group of about 10 put some distance on me and about 2 others on the uphill. For about the next 10 laps i was riding with 1 other rider. we were working pretty well together. The main field was in site at all times. We realed 2 or 3 riders in from the main pack, it was painfull but not as bad as i thought, and we also lapped this one rider with Drexel U printed on his ass with a green cloud following him ( dont know who that could have been......). Well that was until 1.5 to go when i blew up... If you have ever seen the picture of me laying in the grave yard at the Navy well that was the feeling i had in my back again. I had sever pains in my lower back ( kidney area) everytime i inhailed. I had to stop for a min to try and catch my breath. so i lost a few position. I got back on the bike and it was still to painfull to push it so i just casually finished my last lap. I finished which was my goal but it definitly wasnt pretty. Probably finished 12, 13 or 14th or so. On the way home reality was starting to set in. This wasnt as fun as it used to be. I might be hanging up the racing shoes soon... i dont know .. we'll see.

- Lou Lanzilotta

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