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Mercyhurst ECCC Weekend

Date: 2006-04-15
By: Stefan & Steve

Mercyhurst Weekend

Mercyhurst Time Trial

  • Men's A (16 Starters) - 7.5 Miles
  • 15th Chris Hair 19:28
  • Men's C (15 Starters) - 7.5 Miles
  • 5th Stefan Grecu 19:11
  • Men's D (19 Starters) - 7.5 Miles
  • 11th Steve Bronstein 22:38

Mercyhurst Road Race

  • Men's A (16 Starters)
  • DNF Chris Hair
  • Men's C (17 Starters)
  • 6th Stefan Grecu
  • Men's D (24 Starters)
  • 24th Steve Bronstein

Mercyhurst Criterium

  • Men's A (15 Starters)
  • 8th Chris Hair
  • Men's C (15 Starters)
  • 3rd Stefan Grecu
  • Men's D (8 Starters)
  • 7th Steve Bronstein

This weekend was probably one of the best weekends ever! From exploding radiator caps, Joe and I totally buzzin from soda, and tons of pancakes, it got pretty awesome pretty quickly.Quick Note: Look for an alternative source for coolant before resorting to opening the radiator cap when the engine is hot! It will just end in a shower of 300 degree coolant spraying all over the highway. Although, it will result in laughter so hard your head will almost explode. Bronstein’s Jeep has been fixed and will make it miraculous return for Army weekend.After all of this, I almost resorted to traversing the highway with my bike and helmet to try and get back to get my car, but luckily Brian Muka was able to swing by with his buddy and pick me up while they got the car towed to Joe’s. After everything was settled and we got the 2 cars loaded up, we headed out on our trek, only 3 hours later then we had originally planned. I’m not going to lie and say that it was all the cars fault, Bronstein and I were 30-45 min. late because we were messin’ with his bike pre-race day. DON’T DO IT KIDS!! It only resulted in me accidentally wrapping his bars this wrong direction, and I accidentally covered his flight deck buttons, oops!

The car ride up was long, once again Bronstein managed to get a mooning off at Joe and Chris. Also, Drexel Cycling Alum. Steven Place was seen on 476, and he and Bronstein had a conversation on the highway after Bronstein mooned him as well. A couple hours later, we stopped and Joe drank a soda just before we stopped and all of us got bottles of soda as well (I also included pop-tarts in that meal). I don’t drink soda, so I was bouncing off the walls, Joe as well. We finally arrived at Mercyhurst to see none other but Alex Wooten outside in his boxers and a t-shirt.

The next morning was the ITT, and we all started off smoothely. Chris finished 10th, myself 4th, and Steve 11th in our Conference respectively. Next was the road race, which was hardly “flat” as described by some. Like my sister said, UPHILL UPHILL UPHILL UPHILL, RIGHT TURN, WIND WIND WIND WIND, beautiful scenery of Lake Erie (you could see Canada, in my opinion), MORE WIND, DOWNHILL WITH MAJOR WIND, FLAT, REPEAT. We all raced hard and it was definitely a good challenge for this season.

After the whole day, we were pretty hungry, obvious one being Steve, haha. He started getting pretty ornery. As a result, we stopped to eat at, oh yes, Perkins! Next we went grocery shopping, and we picked up fruit and items such as pancake mix. We got back to the house we were staying at, and I dug up the necessary tools to make these pancakes. After Joe, myself, and Bronstein jumping on Chris in his sleeping bag probably 4 times, I decided to settle down and make the pancakes… Let’s just say that they were some damn good pancakes. So good, that we decided to make a roughly 10” pancake that was so perfect, even Fabio would shudder in it’s presence. We then proceeded to kindly invite some UPenners over for pancakes, and only 2 came, but we were able to save enough pancakes for our attack… At roughly 22:00 hours, Joe stalled the UPenn people in their house while Bronstein and myself took that beautiful pretty pancake and slapped in on the windshield of their rental van, we also put 2 pancakes on the antenna, and pancake bunches under the windshield wipers. The attack was smooth and executed with precision. Bronstein also mooned the Upenn team, so he kept everyone on their toes for the weekend. We returned to our quarters and rested for the Speedway criterium the next day.

The day started well as we descended upon the great Lake Erie Speedway. Bronstein represented us well in the D crit. As he lapped a mercyhurst guy, and even gained sprint points, he earned more points than he even expected this weekend. I then lined up for the C crit, and they blew the whistle and I’ve never had a cleaner start then that. Very fast clip in, and started going. Not too long into the start, a mercyhurst guy in front of me hit his brakes hard, I hit my brakes hard, and an Army guy crashed behind me even harder (with a Penn State guy, and a Cortland guy). So we got our Cat. C crash in for the weekend. The final lap came around and I probably did jump the gun way too early, being that I started sprinting right when we started the last lap. I was pretty sure I had the race won, and coming into the last stretch a penn state guy used my draft to slingshot around me, and same with an Army guy, I let out my primal scream, and ended in 3rd. Chris Hair then lined up for men’s A, the only real highlight was the 4 guys that lapped the field, only one (Adrian Gerrits) was in our conference, but in the finishing sprint Chris nabbed 4th place out of our conference, 8th overall, which is awesome considering it was his first Cat. A weekend, kudos to Chris. The crit was filled with a ton of dancing, yelling, and just overall fun, performed by myself, Chris, and Bronstein, and we even danced with Joe for a bit… you had to be there.

The ride home was similar, except for the fact that when we stopped at a subway in the middle of nowhere. Like Bronstein said, we were the highlight of those girls’ lives… There was much waving at random girls on the highway, and we almost mooned the Bucknell team, but Joe had gotten in front of us and Bucknell got away. Bronstein and I think Joe knew we were planning it, but Joe says he didn’t know… The ride also contained soda once again, and Gatorade, so just refer to the description of the drive up. Overall this weekend was a definite highlight of the season for me, and we need to keep them this way! Fun.


Okay so just to get things started Joe knows nothing about the maintenance of cars, this almost cost us the trip.

Lets just say the start of our adventure was kind of slow, so slow as a matter of fact that we stopped on the Side of 476 and decided to play around under the hood of the jeep. Long story short after Joe released the radiator cap and all my coolant proceeding to gush out of the top of it we got the jeep towed and to a safe location and then started out our journey to the great northeast in two cars instead of one.

We got to our sweet housing for the weekend provided by some fine friends at MH. We got an entire house to ourselves which was very nice.Saturday started with an Itt... fun fast and no too many folks were there.

Then came the "FLAT'' ROAD RACE...

Joe claimed to everyone that this course was flat... and by flat he meant 4 miles of continues hills. Followed by 4 miles of descent into a head that blew more than a French whore.seriously hardest road race and that’s not just me saying it.

Sunday’s crit was more fun than anyone expected.3/8 mile race track was perfect for this race. everyone scored points in it and I believe that’s a Drexel cycling first! the big deal of the weekend was the constant dancing and references to shomonsters. Collin you’ll be happy to know a girl will now be begging you to give her the dirty sanchez insted of the shomnster!

it was a great weekend, the MH guys really worked the tails off to pull a great event off and i am very sorry that religion got in the way of Drexel cycling.

Steve 1 out of 4 colleges love me

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