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Escape from Granogue MTB

Date: 2006-05-12
By: Frank

It was a great day of racing, especially for me, who hasnt raced a mountain bike in three years. Sport Class has gotten FAST (or I have gotten really slow).

Nice thing about MTB racing, as opposed to road racing: Beer Stop (in lieu of water) on the second lap. Now thats racing!!

Results: Sport Men II (30-34): 34 starters, 33 finishers

  • Robert Schoutens, 22/33
  • Frank Durso, 31/34

Awful performance by me. I couldnt climb in the mud, I couldnt corner in the mud, I couldnt descend in the mud. I walked nearly a third of each lap. I started strong, passed a few peeps on the paved start (I started near the back), back got hammered on the run-ups and took it way to easy on some of the technical riding - stuff that I would have cleaned way back when I could ride the tricky parts of the Wiss with my eyes closed.

I saw Rob at the start, and then mid-way through the first lap, and then yelling at me like a lunatic as I finished the race (which ended on an up-hill climb).

Good representation by Guys Bikes, Sickler, Wooden Wheels, BikeLine, Spokes, Henry's, Beans, Human Zoom, Cadence...

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