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ECCC & MidAtlantic Beacon Cross

Date: 2006-11-01
By: Adam

This was the first ECCC Cyclocross Race of the year, held inconjunction with a MidAtlantic Cyclocross race.

When I got there I managed to hook up with Rob from Penn andride a practice lap with him; MTB, Cross or Crits, it's super helpfulto ride with someone in the know and get to see the fastest safestlines, ask about the best tire pressure, etc.

I definately should have lined up a bit early as I got a poor positionat the back of the lineup, but managed to sneak up on the inside abit. The race started on a slightly uphill paved straightaway, andimmediately I found myself behind someone, er, pokey. After someargy-bargy to move a few spots, we hit the first corner onto dirt.Here I saw crash #1. Crash #2 happened just in front of me on turn2, I ran into a victim, only to be run into by another dude whogouged my calf with his eggbeater pedals...little did I know whenthis all happened, my seat jammed all the way up and all the wayforward, COMFY.

After some sweet sandy fireroads, we took a gravel downhill ontothe beach. Here I would immediately dismount and run the 80mbeach, far easier than trying to ride and dismount whenmomentum gave way, as many attempted. Up some stairs and backonto sandy fireroads with sweet deep corners. This lead to ahairpin followed immediately by the barriers and and off camberdrop. Crash #3 happened on the second lap when the dude next tome miffed the dismount on the hairpin and lost it into the firstbarrier.

Last but not least, there was another sandpit, which you all sawfrom Rob's crash sequence. A fast up down and then : THEAMPHITHEATRE OF PAIN. 4 doublets of 2 landscaping timbers makethis little puppy a good time. Of course you must run up this, thisactually became a good place to pass as many people opted towalk up, too weak, too defeated by a public works project from the30s...back onto pavement, and a lap was over. We ended up doing4 laps of the course, I managed to improve slightly to 21st on theday and the 3rd collegiate rider (I think).

Other than that I saw someone's carbon bars fail (crash #4) as hewas slammed to the ground, so all of you kiddies who should bemaking your own frankenstein cross bikes - avoid carbon bars,right.

It was a good time, there were 4 guys from Rutgers, one of the newTemple guys, and Rob and Bob from Penn in the B race. Of note,my alma mater University of Rochester gained a ringer when aFrench MTB and CX rider decided to go to grad school inRochester, he managed 17th in the Elite race...

maybe just maybe I'll convince one of you one of these days...


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