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Brett Kielick

Architecture (Class of 2008)

Road, Mountain (XC, STXC), Cyclocross

I am a thesis year architecture student from Fallston, MD. I came late to the collegiate cycling scene as I had spent 4 years rowing in Drexel's varsity heavyweight boat. I got hooked on cycling after riding in a free time trial held on West River Drive back in '05 that I rode on my 80's single speed Peugeot commuter. It was all over for me after that. I soon built up a Leader time trial bike for riding around on weekends on the bike path and on West River Drive. I only managed to get one race in during the '06 season where I got to try out my TT bike in my first team time trial in one of Drexel's D squads. Last year after my rowing eligibility was done I joined the cycling team and competed in the C and D categories during the road season. This year I raced in a few collegiate mountain bike races and most of the collegiate cyclocross season. I plan on racing B's this year in the road season and I hope to get at least a few A races in before I graduate this June. I am also a dedicated bike commuter and ride to work and school year round.

Bikes I own:

  • Windsor Bristol road bike (homebrew with SRAM Rival and tons of Nashbar/Sette components)
  • Windsor Touring bike
  • Leader 735TT time trial bike (homebrew with a mish-mash of Shimano and Nashbar stuff)
  • Marin Matts Sport 700 (homebrew rigid 1x9 for the upcoming 'cross season and mountain biking - it should be a killer short track bike)
  • Specialized Epic Pro full suspension mountain bike
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